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What is the Crosstown Multimodal Study

DDOT’s Crosstown Multimodal Study will examine current and future demands and long-term changes to the larger crosstown study area between Brookland and Columbia Heights. The MoveDC Plan, which outlines a vision for the long-term transportation network in the District, recommended this study as one of the key near-term actions due to changing land uses and multimodal deficiencies in the area. The purpose of the study is to identify multimodal improvements to the east-west crosstown corridors in the study area.

In 2016, DDOT will work with community members and key stakeholders to develop and evaluate a range of physical and operational improvements to enhance multimodal connectivity, mobility, and safety.


The schedule at the right shows our process for developing travel solutions for the Crosstown corridor.

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Additional study documents are available on the Project Resources page.

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Current and Past Area Transportation Studies 

This map shows other studies that have been conducted or are currently underway within or near the Crosstown Corridor. Click the image to view a larger version.